Cannabis Perpetual Grow Calculator

This quick and dirty script will tell you when to add the next plant to your perpetual grow.

Enter your current plants in flower with the #1 plant being the oldest / closest to harvest.
Number of Plants:
Days the NEWEST Plant has been Flowering: days
Est. Flowering Time for Next Plant: days

Optimize for even harvest delays.
The purpose of this script is to even out your harvesting cycle in a perpetual grow. If you run behind schedule, you will catch up over time when
the extended delay has "grown out". There is no way to avoid this when switching to plants with shorter flowering times.

When optimizing for even delays, the total cycle time is used to calculate the delay instead of the new plants flowering time. Else the quickest route
to harvest is chosen. While this spreads out your harvest from different strains more evenly, it can also introduce delays to accomplish this.
To track your whole garden, check out our cannabis grower software "Canna Calc". It's still in beta, development is ongoing.

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