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Atmoburn - An online browser space strategy game
Warring Factions II. Bigger and better, but the universe still hates you! :)

Warring Factions - A massively multiplayer browser based strategy game
A highly addictive strategy game played in a browser with thousands of other players. We dare say it's the most complex game of its kind on the market today.

Camamba - Free Web Cam Chat
Camamba is the main site using the video chat technology originally developed for Kiss Chance. A user can view up to eight high resolution video streams at once. Web cams are sourced and displayed at 320x240. The quality is stunning. Thanks to the new Red5 project server resource use is very low.

Vagaters - Free Video Chat
Vagaters is a free video chat without registration and open access. It uses the Camamba technology.

Kiss Chance - Adult Dating and Swinger Site
A multilangual erotic dating site for adults mostly populated by swingers. Yeah, we got dirty minds, so what?

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We specialize in game software and dating communities. We do not accept commercial projects, but are available for projects we consider fun. In that case we work pro bono. Augemedia is based in Valparaiso, Chile.